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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Effective Self Defense

Ne Waza

Ground Techniques

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Nage Waza

Throwing Techniques

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Kihon Waza

Basic Techniques

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About Us

Shoshin Ryu is a Japanese based system of martial arts. Shoshin Ryu is a cooperative school rather than a competitive one, and stresses self-defense and personal growth. Shoshin Ryu is about learning.....how not to hurt others, how not to be hurt by others, and how to be responsible for one's own happiness and harmony.

Our Training Methods

Attackers come in many shapes, sizes, heights, and weights. Shoshin Ryu incorporates proven techniques from a multitude of effective martial arts philosophies in order take down an opponent.

Blocks, Kicks, Strikes

Traditional karate style attacks and defenses

Throws and Takedowns

Judo throws including sweeps, hip throws, leveraging, and unbalancing

Submissions and Grappling

Jujutsu trapping, holds, force manipulation, joint locks

Weapons Training

Staff, Sticks, Knife, Club


Meet the Instructors

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Class Schedule

Kids, Advanced Kids, Adults Private Instruction

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Large training area with padded mats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost? What do I wear? Is it safe? etc.

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You can now pay for the self-defense classes offered through Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu using PayPal.  Visit out new Payment Center found at www.ifshoshinryu.com/payment-center/