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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Effective Self Defense

Ne Waza

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About Us

Shoshin Ryu is a Japanese based system of martial arts. Shoshin Ryu is a cooperative school rather than a competitive one, and stresses self-defense and personal growth. Shoshin Ryu is about learning.....how not to hurt others, how not to be hurt by others, and how to be responsible for one's own happiness and harmony.

Our Training Methods

Attackers come in many shapes, sizes, heights, and weights. Shoshin Ryu incorporates proven techniques from a multitude of effective martial arts philosophies in order take down an opponent.

Blocks, Kicks, Strikes

Traditional karate style attacks and defenses

Throws and Takedowns

Judo throws including sweeps, hip throws, leveraging, and unbalancing

Submissions and Grappling

Jujutsu trapping, holds, force manipulation, joint locks

Weapons Training

Staff, Sticks, Knife, Club


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Kids, Advanced Kids, Adults Private Instruction

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Large training area with padded mats

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What is the cost? What do I wear? Is it safe? etc.

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Latest News

Coronavirus Return to Classes

Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu Re-Opening
Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu is re-opening it’s doors for in-person classes! 
Classes will held during our normal days of Monday and Wednesday.  These classes will be run in conjunction with online Zoom classes so students will have the option to participate however they feel comfortable.  There are several details regarding in-person classes that are outlined below.

Having in person classes will require all of us to understand the guidelines and protocols laid out by the state of Idaho. There will be new practices in place to keep people adequately spaced out when entering the studio.  I ask for, and appreciate, your help and patience as we all navigate this next step in our training.

Class Schedule

*All classes except will be taught simultaneously with Zoom classes.

Adult Class:
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Youth Class: 6:30pm-7:15pm
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Adult Class: 7:30pm-8:15pm 
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Guidelines for Attending In-Person Classes
 What to expect:
*Please note that all classes are only 45 minutes.  This will allow for disinfecting of all contact points that will take place between every class. It will also allow for an orderly exit from the studio in order to maintain social distancing.  

*Students and mats will be separated to help manage space and distance.  At this time, there will be no partner training.  All training will still be individual. 

*Hand sanitizer will be provided and students will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to starting class. Students are asked to come ready to train and with a water bottle if desired.  The facility will not be providing water, bathrooms, or changing areas.

*Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask, but it is not required to attend class. I will check my own temperature prior to class and wear a mask as I teach until further notice.

*Parents please know when your child will be ready for pick up and communicate expectations with them.  Remember classes are only 45 minutes during this time. Students will exit the dojo in a safe manner directly after bow out.  One student will be allowed to leave at a time.

*Spectators are discouraged at this moment as space is limited and to allow for better social distancing practices. There is plenty of space to accommodate the students in our class, but I am setting a limit of 15 people in the facility at any given time (parents, students, instructors, etc.). 

Please refrain from attending in-person classes if any of the following apply: 
You are currently sick or have recently been sick.
You have been in contact with someone who is sick.
You have traveled by airplane in the past 14 days.

Understand the risk:
There could be up to 15 people in the facility at a given time. It is unlikely that everyone around you will wear a mask when training. Even though I will be disinfecting often and following all suggested protocols for operation, there Is still a certain risk of transmitting illness. By attending class you assume all responsibility and accountability for your own health.
Please understand that classes will be different for an undetermined amount time. I appreciate all of your support and understanding as we all move toward regular training for everyone in the most responsible way possible. I will be considering different venues for class (perhaps a park as weather permits) and different training opportunities (more weapons training).  I also have some thoughts on how we can get back to partner training soon.  

Thank you all so much! I look forward to seeing everyone.

Shane Stetz

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Payment Center

You can now pay for the self-defense classes offered through Idaho Falls Shoshin Ryu using PayPal.  Visit out new Payment Center found at www.ifshoshinryu.com/payment-center/